About the Devil's Workshop

The Devil's Workshop is a small independent mask making studio operating just outside of Chicago in the city of Berwyn, Illinois. All of our masks are hand crafted from the sculpture to the finishing drop of paint. Our monster masks are collector quality and are far superior to mass-produced, store-bought masks. Most of our masks are produced in extremely limited editions and are available for a short time only.

How to Purchase

Editions of our masks are available for purchase directly through our website. Other more limited runs and one-offs are listed for purchase on our Instagram page. If you see something you like on our Insta page, please message or email us! Each month, the Devil's Workshop will release a limited number of masks, and when they're gone, they're gone.

The best way to keep up to date on these releases is to check the Devil's Workshop Instagram page which is updated several times a week.


Over the course of the last several years, Devil's Workshop orders have shipped with Fang Club cards. If you have one, you are officially a member of the club. Visit the Devil's Workshop Fang Club web page and use the 4-digit membership number on the back of your card to log in and enjoy the benefits. Not a member? Fear not, Fang Club cards ship with each order from the Devil's Workshop.



Your mask is made with natural latex rubber which should be displayed away from direct sunlight. If possible keep it away from long-term exposure to indirect sunlight as well, as UV rays are damaging to latex. Avoid displaying your mask next to a heat source, as this will cause the latex to harden and crack over time. Keep your mask stuffed with plastic bags to help it hold it’s shape. It’s always to use a stand or tube to set your mask on for display. Styrofoam heads will dry out the latex over time.


If your mask has hair, it will have been flattned through the shipping process. Use a brush to lightly brush it back into shape. Brush carefully, as to not pull the hair out from the glue. It is natural for some hair loss will occur the first time you brush. Use some hair spray to fix the style and enjoy the wild and ghoulsih look that only a Devil’s Workshop mask has.

About the Owner

The Devil's Workshop is run and operated by Peter Infelise. Pete is a 1980's monster kid. Raised on Universal, Hammer, and B-monster movies on Saturday afternoons watching the Son of Svengoolie on Chicago UHF channels. The old school monster movies and comics are still my faves.

In addition to being a mask maker, I am an avid monster mask collector, and enthusiast, with a deep appreciation for the history of the hobby and industry.

Thanks for taking the time to visit the Devil's Workshop website. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any comments or questions.